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Image of a person holding his feet Create, Enhance, Move from the ground up. Get to know the mechanics of your feet and the pivotal role they play in movement and dance .Noticing and becoming aware of your two feet will establish a solid foundation in your movement practise . We will honour the feet as the “lotus flower feet” as the veneration of the foot by reflecting its importance as the temple of the body.

The feet being the foundation to support all the structures. They are the wheel for the body, like the tires of a car .Focusing and bringing greater attention to the senses we can foster a more deeply felts sense of embodiment in walking giving us greater ecological and social awareness to the landscape.

Walking and moving with “attention “can take place in a very profound kind of silence.. You can feel the silence move into poetry . Deep attention creates deep silences, and in turn the silence feeds the attention back again, making it strong enough to know the ground that you walk on . You will sense the feet moving. That can't be taught. It can only be felt.

"He who tip toes, cannot stand He who strides cannot walk" – Lao Tzu Tao Te Ching

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"Silence is the neutral Center in which movements take a breath of repose"


four feets in air Rejuvenate, Regenerate, Resurrect your body by joining our Contemplative Walks. The importance of this daily walking practice pays particular wise attention to our feet’s wisdom, which provides a pathway for personal balance and well-being and interconnectedness with life. You will notice what happens when we take our shoes off and how when we can drop into discover the luscious experience’s and stories the feet can tell . It’s our natural human capacity to pay attention to moment by moment experiences when walking. It helps us to become clearer and more focused and better able to respond creatively to whatever life throws our way.

The benefits of Contemplative Walks are general body awareness increases and perception sharpens, and with practice it becomes much more than a physical activity. A stimulating barefoot walk or Dance has a multitude of benefits from relieving stress, increasing balance, to sleeping well .We will have time to simply be in the beauty of nature and listen to what stirs our souls.

It is not surprising that walking or dancing barefoot can also strengthen the multitude of tendons and muscles in your feet and lower legs. Shoes are just like casts and just like when you wear a cast for a long time certain muscles are neglected and weaken. Learn to stand firmly on the ground. Know that your feet count. Know your uniqueness. Know your feet are loved, Know that you matter, however your toes feel.

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Walk Shops

A padded feet “Below the surface” exploring and discovering shoes are your feet. In honour of the foot Pada (foot Bandha(binding ) we learn foot binding means to draw energy upwards .Drawing upon Native wisdom and practices, all walking seekers learn and discover ways to live Intent fully, with Awareness, Passion and Freedom. The Rhythm Centre believes we should be stewards of this earth and enlightenment is not a solitary affair we have to collectively awaken to this universe.

All paths lead towards the source and the earth ancestor .To live by the medicine wheel involves every spoke of the wheel .Each person’s body uniqueness gives us differences and we need to honour these differences. There is a tremendous richness of experience to become aware of, as you walk. The body loves movement, and will reward you with pleasure if you pay attention to how it feels! If one looks into the walking experience with pure, unconditional love. And then realize that everything you need in order to be completely fulfilled is contained within that moment all you have to do is notice and appreciate it. Thinking compared to “just being” Pada walks encourage you to become aware, feeling the space, light and sound around you. Space is a medium that continually surrounds and shapes our journey through physical life .Paying attention to the body as you walk will help you to enjoy simply being alive. The two mindful stages in the step are stepping, putting down, stepping, putting down. The four stages of the foots movement is “Lifting, Moving forward, Putting down, Pressing the ground.

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Dual Walks

feet is in rest and another tip toeing In these fast moving times, influences, and distractions flood us. It’s important to take breaks form the fast pace of our lives and return our attention to the quite place where the inner spirit world finds peace .We encourage you to find the time to use this Mindfulness Walking Meditation Practise as a path back to you and as a means of learning to listening to your inner guidance. Mindfulness Walking Meditation pays close attention to the physical act of walking .The way you take one step after another.

During these explorative Meditative Walking Movement practises you will embark and discover how to anchor yourself into the now. We encourage you to take time to listen to the power of the “Pause” between each step .When we are in harmony with the natural world taking a “Pause” allows you to feel the rhythm of the body ,the inner beat and to breathe in the magic of life in the present.

How to use moment to moment presence gives you access to your inner rich resources, honouring the earth with this ritual walking movements are the footsteps to the inner dance.

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Rumi says, "There are hundreds of ways to kneel and kiss the ground..."

Mamu or Spirit Walks in Nature - Sand in my shoes

a feet on grassPeople are searching for ways to integrate the Mind and the Body which have been separated in our culture for a long time .The body self needs to be strong before we can see ourselves and relate in the larger sense. Drawing on deep cultural connections to the earth these ecologically intimate Walkshops create the seed to investigate our two feet’s impact on the ground.

We suggest at times we have to learn to move and see again, learn to walk, to feel these senses again. To listen to our heart beat as we start walking slowly, and to pave the way for receptivity to bodily feelings , emotions and possibly expressive actions .Walking can give us a sense of freedom and can be used to get people out of apathetic and physically depressed states . Mamu spirit walks coax your feet back to the land .From this state enhanced adaptability and openness to increase our range of motion occurs.

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Djalkiri Footprints Walks

feet is in rest and another tip toeingDuring this meditative and expansive Walkshops we explore and encourage the clients to experience, create .observe the intrinsic value of walking. We will look at the dynamics of walking and the depth of knowledge you have of the ground while respecting different cultures, beliefs and walking together in the footsteps of their knowledge. We will discover and catch the unknown aspects of our own walk and how to make the difference in these basic movements. You will have the opportunity to explore how your current state is expressed in walking and how this will function as the building blocks for a fitness regime that builds power and agility .The workshop structure is informed by principles of body, mind, movement, and will help you find new joy in your movement practise through exploration and play .This walking practise purpose is also to give the participant a comprehensive introduction into the practise of centring while walking.This is a way of opening oneself to a movement practise that seeks to go beyond concepts ,words and images. It’s a consent to be truly present within. Read More...

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"We encourage you to Keep your feet on the ground and keep reaching for the stars"

Contemplative Balinese Village Walk

a big foot During these Bali interpretative walkshops we can explore the social and ecological layers of the rural landscape, by appreciating how they fuse into a unified story of the landsmen meditation walk shops : The phrase "Walking is man's best medicine," allegedly spoken by Hippocrates two millennia ago, is even more timely today. This fact is particularly true in industrialized societies where new technologies have not only changed the way we work but, even more profoundly, have also affected our life styles by reducing the physical effort of most of our daily activities During this Walkshops we embrace Teenage feet. Female feet. Muslim feet. Atheist feet. Dark feet. Light feet and tattooed feet of a young man.



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