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The Rhythm Centre volunteers are a meaningful part of the organization and are integral to our success. Each year many volunteers work in various capacities at our Bali headquarters or as part of our Dance Clinics community program. We do welcome volunteers at our centre to help with project work, administrative duties, community programs, communications, graphic design and special events.

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Volunteers for Movement A Breast Programs

As part of our Outreach program for Movement A Breast we will be relying on our volunteers to help us fund raise so that those woman who have been through breast cancer diagnosis and treatment can be supported and given the opportunity to have a Movement health and wellness program that they can access regularly ..

Our Rhythm Centre Volunteers will play an integral role in providing support to the Movement A Breast participant’s by providing information to anyone affected by breast cancer. We invite you to assist in helping us in our daily business, to promote and bring awareness to the general public about our Movement A Breast Programs and the healing force of movement medicine. We also need ongoing funds to support our caring wonderful movement Guest teachers ,supplies and to have a dance floor home.

If you are interested in becoming a frontline ambassador for our Movement A Breast programs I’m sure you will find how much of an impact you will have on our breast cancer community. Participants will develop comfort and skills in using movement as a therapeutic tool to cope with the fatigue, pain, stress and emotional challenges faced daily .

Any one interesting can email us on info@therhythmcentre.com to discuss how you would like to contribute or like us and message us on  Movement A Breast Facebook Page.

If you are time poor please connect and make a donation today that will directly fund those who wish to participate in our Movement A Breast Program .It’s not every day that you’re able have an instant affect by generously sponsoring a participant so they can benefit from joining our programs .As Volunteers we hope you will Participate, Reflect on these experiences and Identify ways we can move forward sharing this beautiful journey together . Blessing to each of you

We also invite those interested in doing research on the benefits of our programs Please "click here" to contact us.