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  Training In Movement

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The Rhythm Centre is committed to creating high quality learning experiences that champion and enrich continuous improvement and accreditation in dance and movement therapies practises. Our programs are designed to farther train and research into the dance movement arts educational field. We will provide you the guiding principles and effective practices for movement education and practise. Our cycles of workshops courses and continuous movement education programs offerings will vary each year. We at the Rhythm Centre will continuously review and evaluate our various courses leading to improved results in training which will lead to a deeply authentic movement practise.See More...

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DANCE THERAPY -Laban Movement Analysis training commencing Sept 2016 - 2017.

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  Continuing Movement Education

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The Rhythm centre offers continuing education with flexible schedules including evenings and accelerated blocks. Day and afternoon sessions as well as we will be introducing as well as on line courses and downloadable applications of various therapies to meet our Asian Pacific community dance and movement educational needs .We also will be offering continuing professional development courses as well as offering comprehensive on line courses that can be completed within your own timeframe .This meets the individual students needs busy lives .Our programs will be a fabulous resource pool dedicated to assisting dance and other movement therapists to find appropriate continuing movement and dance education programs. Find conferences, workshops, or online courses in your specialty of interest.

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Managing Change Training Programs


Children enjoying danceIf you are ready to dance and navigate the whitewater of change then you’ll enjoy the wave . You cannot stop the waves but you can learn to ride and balance on them Surfing is both skill and attitude. Skill because it takes craft and practice to ride the waves. Attitude because you have to accept that you can ride the wave, but you can’t affect it. Surfing is the perfect metaphor for dealing with change . It’s about flexibility and creative adaptability .You can’t control the waves you can only control your response to the waves and develop the skills to adapt to whatever comes your way.

Change is difficult but it’s our ever present companion in life .Imagine for a moment a large empty dance floor .As the music of life begins change invites us to dance .As change leads we follow. Although change is inevitable our first opposition is fear and refusal to dance .Our resistance to change is not always positive. What is it about the nature of change that causes us to instinctively to rebel against it and stand still ,when we are infact invited to dance . See more...

Join our Managing Change Dance-titude integrated Wellness programs by enrolling now. These teachings help you to gain clarity and focus on how to step into the future with your own action plan. If you want to Explore ,Dream, and Discover new ways of creating the climate for making change then we invite you to join us on this journey. We provide a self-assessment map to share on the road.

Catch the next wave by contacting us via info@rhythmcentre.com. Corporate Spa groups are welcome. Limited vacancies available.

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