The Rhythm Centre

Suzie Testimonials

"Suzie has the rare ability to read people and uncover solutions from feelings that aren't always apparent, to action and move these in a positive way, She's astute. She's been an amazing coach and trainer..." - Deb 2013

"Suzie is a fun and creative person who has run successful retreats. I'm looking forward to her boot camp renewal retreat again for woman in transition" - Marg 2012

"Suzie loves the juice of creative exploration. In my first session I shifted deep issues that I had held onto for 26 years due to the loss of a loved one. I was obsessed with the loss and didn't know how to move it. I loved the process. Although I was apprehensive in the beginning. Basically because of the fear of the unknown. I It was the dance of alchemy where the dreams fears and pains of years dissolved. I loved it and will book another session" - Lethal Melbourne April 2013
"Thanks Suzie thanks for giving me the opportunity to be all that I am capable of being and for recharging my battery. Equally and perhaps more impressive is your attitude, your style, spirit, emotions, feelings, heart and hard work. I felt your dynamic delivery which kept me alert and involved. Thank you for sharing your time your knowledge and your sense of humor" - Anna Melbourne 2013

Training Testimonials

"I want to personally thank you for the outstanding presentation. It was dynamic and very enjoyable. The enthusiasm you generate is contagious." - Thailand Spa Association 2006.
"Your dynamic delivery kept me alert, and involved. It was a very rewarding experience for me. Thank you for sharing your time, your knowledge and your sense of humor." - Naomi C.
"What you have done in developing, assembling and presenting this program is an absolute phenomenon. You have really inspired me, and I'm determined to follow through because of you." - Karen M.
I'd like to thank you for your dedication and great training program. Your speaking ability and overall ability to communicate and deal with all different types of people. It is great." - Diane P.
"The course was very effective, more than I expected, and delivered in a professional way that can only come from experience." - Nadine

Student Testimonials

"You have opened my eyes to a whole new world." - Kelly G.
"We wish to express our gratitude to you for sharing experience, knowledge, and expertise with us. Your obvious enthusiasm has inspired each of us to take control of our own future" - Michelle
"I just want to say thank you for the outstanding service and opportunity you have provided me and everyone else who has been affected by the teaching of extremely appreciated and respected skills and knowledge" - Richard


"Thanks for the start, motivation and laughs." - Greg
One of the best things that The Rhythm Centre has is their unique offerings ,that provide the creative tools for having movement conversations to guide and engage us to respectfully integrate spacious ways of being on the dance floor .These engaging movement journeys have profoundly given mine personally new ways to move calmly through the stresses of my day to day life . I’ve always learnt to duck and dive and appear to others that I am fully grounded . In fact I realized how I have been stuck for many years .These movement ritual practises have helped me to value authenticity and be present. Thanks I have had a major learning curve by befriending my body. You have accompanied me all the way and given me a sense of value and place as I age Thanks you Suzie and her team of global teachers - Melissa