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Dance: A Tool to Empower Breast Cancer Survivors

Moving towards an improved quality of life by Christina Devereaux, Ph.D., BC-DMT

Media stories all over the country are reporting on the unique preparation that Deborah Cohan did in the operating room prior to her bilateral mastectomy procedure. Before the surgery, she orchestrated a dance party with her operating team to Beyonce’s hit “Get Me Bodied,” at the University of California-San Francisco Medical Center at Mount Zion. Her goal, to inspire others to create a healing montage video where others dance to the song, wherever they are, to encourage people to “dance, move, and be in their bodies.”

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Living Inside and Outside

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An expanded palate of moving. Movement A breast is about integrating and re-organizing one self .Coming home to your body .Checking in with your feelings and sensations in the present . Your body marks the transition between the outer world and your inner world . Your skin is the threshold between these two worlds. Membranes of cells, internal organs, muscles, bones.

Moving by Engaging ,Playing and Exploring your body bringing us in touch with ourselves to remind us what is important in our lives .Enhancing our connection with a feeling of oneness between ourselves and others ,animals , and nature .We feel our senses with the Rhythms of the earth . Experience our waves of emotions which is the layer of inner energy. Read More...

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Movement A Breast Wellness Programs

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We are excited and proud to introduce our Movement A Breast Wellness programs . We will be collaborating with Para a well know Perth Choreographer and friend of The Rhythm Centre to deliver two workshop series called " Face to the Floor " and "Beyond and Beyond" culminating in a holistic movement performance.

To support participants in implementing and achieving their optimal wellness these dance movement sessions are designed to heal and balance mind body and spirit. We hope these programs will motivate participants to embrace. a new healthy lifestyle pattern , find new meanings, purpose, vision vitality and joy in life.

We hope to offer a refuge to help individuals build their confidence and find the necessary skills necessary to let go of the old and embrace our new wellness movement journey , to help guide their recovery process . We have a unique and compassionate movement map that supports ,fosters ,engages ,and bring together participants of all dance /movement abilities into a safe space ,as a community ,to discover ,support and embrace inevitable change that occurs following a breast cancer diagnosis.


Movement A breast
Face to the Floor Series 1:
Beyond and Beyond Series 2:
Current Series Dates (2015/2017): TBA
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We would love you to join our Outreach Movement A Breast Volunteer Group. Please contact us info@therhythmcentre.com if you are interested in volunteering with us or support and write for our Blog page.

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"And there came a day when the risk to remain in the bud was more painful than the risk to blossom" - Anais Nin

Waves of Grief

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We will support and carry you in the Sacred Dance of Grief .Grief is like the waves of the ocean . It comes in waves , ebbing and flowing . Sometimes the water is still and sometimes the waves of the water are chaotic. All we can do is learn to swim . The pull of the waves keeps you from dancing on the shore. We will all experience it in our lives, that is if we have a pulse .The uncertainty , change and contrast .Pain and joy , success and humility ..

Grieving the loss of a loved one is tough, but even more so when it seems like the whole world is dancing with joy. Movement can be our sources of healing and strength in times of sadness and grief. Grief is like connective tissue .Linking us to one another . Moving beyond loss we may discover on the dance floor ,the hidden gifts of grief . Movement Aids the Grieving Process, and Transforms Grief into a New Identity .

The Rhythm Centre’s simple practices for transforming your grieving mind and body will be a personal movement exploration of the rhythm of suffering which supports and ultimately transforms the grieving process .We all have personal experiences with grief, from faded youth to failed relationships to the loss of a job or valued material possession. . Far from being strictly emotional, grief can express itself in a variety of physical forms such as lack of energy and motivation, sleep patterns may be interrupted with insomnia, and other physical ailments. Read more...

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Movement A breast Suzie explains her "life-altering" experience with Breast cancer which left an indelible mark but it didn't stop her from reframing her life. When she was diagnosed, she was working in Bali. She resigned for major surgery and treatment and, when she was given the all-clear, she returned to study various movement practices, all over the world, which she says now has definitely re shaped her life and career path.

Suzie says: "The moment you're diagnosed, you become a different person. You stop thinking about going back to a prescription of what was called “normal” as you mourn the person you were . It’s a vulnerable time during this transformational process .She decided to care- take each moment and immerse herself into the art of living with all the challenges that brings . She believes that truthful knowledge supports change and when we are aware of all our unconscious patterns a sense of freedom emerges .

This inner force is liberating as we recognize what is really important to us and allows us to grow and experience the uncertainty cancer brings ,positively, allowing us to view ourselves as people who can grow from this experience After cancer, she says: "You don't have bodily security, your family will always treat you a little bit different. You will have scars on your body that you will have to explain. As a cancer patient, you learn how to introduce the information to the public because you know you're holding onto something big and powerful."

She hopes that Movement A breast will help many cancer patients to focus and become passionate again about their lives, to not “look back but move forward” as well as develop "awareness of the body “ Each of our bodies are unique and hold our own stories that we can move and express on the dance floor .She believes that young cancer patients have different needs from other cancer patients and she knows that Movement A breast can help teenagers understand personal insecurities and challenges but also be guided into healthy reflections to cope .Movement a breast embraces and supports a safe dance space .

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