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The Rhythm Centre is currently engaged in developing alliances with satellite locations in order to offer residential workshops and retreats and therefore grow its reach outside the local boundaries and demographics.

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Send your ideas in to us we will listen to them!! If you would like to be aware of events in the Perth area along with your wonderful events happening in Western Australia please join our Facebook Group page by clicking here ... Let's get this moving practice pumping on the dance floor to info@therythmcentre.com




Five Rhythms Dance

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"Sweat your prayers!" is the idea here. 5Rhythms originated in the 1970s and uses tenets of shamanistic, ecstatic, mystical and eastern philosophy – although to the uninitiated it looks like flailing around to music.

On Time Out's visit there are around 150 of us, on a fire-hazardly hot day at Abbotsford Convent. A DJ is spinning languorous ambient music, causing one woman to roll around on the floor, showing her knickers. Others wave their arms around like trees in the wind. We’ll be doing this – to varying BPMs – for the next few hours.

Ten minutes in, I’m still grimacing at ground level. At some point I’ll have to get off the floor, upon which I am trailing the odd limb, and get jiggy with it. The BPMs are rising, and in response, people are running around the room like aeroplanes or bucking their hips wildly, as though reenacting the voodoo sequences in Live and Let Die. Read more...

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Read My Body: The Language of Touch

In the far corner of a whitewashed studio, a young man kneels, offering a shoulder to his partner. She drapes herself over his shoulder and he effortlessly lifts her into the air, one hand at her waist. As they spin, she leans against him and he rotates her until she is cradled in his arms. A few feet away, an improvised roll ends in a tangle of arms and legs, as three dancers collapse in laughter. There is no music; still, the sounds of heavy breathing form a rhythm of its own. I stand by the door, scanning the room for someone in charge.

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Spiritual Wellness Assessment

The spiritual dimension of wellness involves seeking meaning and purpose in one's life.

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