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"Of All The Arts, None Remain As Rooted In Ritual As Dance."

Deeper Dene Movement Rituals

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"These Deeper Dene Movement rituals leads us back to our self to a restorative deeply connecting and confirming place within."

Our Deeper Dene Movement fundamental rituals hold an essential place in our bodies ,and heart , and integrates the inner work of silence and reflection . Creating this environment allows movers to experience a renewal of the individuals physical being ,the heart ,mind and spirit. A sense of communion occurs with each other, with spirit, our ancestors, the earth and the cosmos .It is difficult to explain what truly happens during the Deeper Dene movement fundamental dance ritual, but it is not difficult to observe the positive effects that participants experience. See More


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Five Pillars of Movement

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The path of movement as a complete system of health ,psychological growth and spiritual liberation has Five main components, each of which is a stage on that path . We use the lotus flower as a metaphor where it’s possible to take each petal as a stand-alone experience and enter the centre at any one point. This supports the movements to Reconnect, Regenerate, Rediscover and Replace Dis -ease with Ease.

The 5 Pillars of Movement Fundamentals is an organic & holistic practice focused on movement exploration that empowers people of all ages, shapes, & abilities to be intelligent, perceptive, & innovative lifelong movers. This practice helps you to “discover " the body as an intelligent source for direction and information.

The subtle and powerful movement fundamental rituals are bought to life through a daily practice .Movers of all levels will be able to experience their own inner dance .The practice is interwoven with the sounds of music to entice the senses into a complete state of profound rest. Finding stillness in the midst of the frenetic lives that we often find ourselves living in may seem like an insurmountable challenge . We invite you to explore the Five Pillars of Movement Fundamentals.

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The Five Pillars of Movement

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The First Pillar is the "Here and Now" "Layapriya Body Awareness" : Increases your ability to learn and transform and access innate body intelligence.

The Second Pillar is the "I and We" "Layapriya Body Practice" : Leads to new skills and body behaviors.

The Third Pillar is the "Layapriya Dance Openings": Access to choices, peeling back the layers and finding your inner compass.

The Fourth Pillar is the "Layapriya Body Narrative": Embody your moves which will help you understand your own story.

The Fifth Pillar is the "Layapriya Body Presences" Setting the intention to process and fulfil your mission to becomes physically in tune with your body. Innovative ways to reach and maintain a high level of fitness. This five pillars of movement dance landscape, weaves together a tapestry of Somatic practices.

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"Music and rhythm find their way into the secret places of the soul"

Lapapryia Body Awareness

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LAYAPRIYA IS THE SANSKRIT WORD for one who loves rhythm. We believe body awareness is your foundation . It’s having an understanding of the inner sense of where your parts are. To develop great body awareness you need an intuitive understanding of your anatomy. You need a felt sense of your joints and all the ways they move. Moreover, you must feel how all your pieces function as a wholeno matter what your goals are you need an awakened body .It starts by being in the present moment by cultivating awareness with compassion . This body awareness class /group will learn to integrate core strength, stability and overall flexibility. See more


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The truest expression of a people is in its dance and in its music. Bodies never lie. ~ Agnes de Mille

Papunya Motion Lab

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THE PAPUNYA MOTION STUDIO LAB SERIES offers an opportunity for research and development in a creative residency format, providing resources of time and space. The Papunya Motion Studio Lab Series is a research laboratory and creates a framework for physical explorations and new movement investigations, with a focus on process. Turning your ideas into compelling dance stories the “labs” are intended to share ideas in an intimate working space of the dance studio.


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"The body is the physical aspect of the personality, and movement is the personality made visible". It becomes visible not only to the therapist, but also to the clients, who often can experience themselves in ways that were inaccessible before."

Aqua Fundamentals

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The healing powers of water have been recognized for centuries. Aqua Moving Fundamentals is a unique treatment and approach in water . It looks at how your whole body is moving and uses specific BESS exercises that give you a sense of how to move with greater ease and efficiency. Water imparts a soft flexible resistance and allows greater free movements with less strain which is soothing and relaxing .These 3 Dimensional dynamic exercises inside water and its buoyant nature involves most muscle groups in their healthy flexing and stretching relationship responses . Which in turn opens up circulation to the ischemic regions of the spinal cord and brain. See More

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Aqua Body Partnership

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Turn back the clock .The relaxing nature of water and the therapeutic value of water makes the Aqua fundamentals ideal to help to allay stress ,which ultimately will help improve one’s ageing status . Isn’t it time you meet your body at the Aqua Body Partnership sessions ? This is a great opportunity for those that love water.

These personalized workout options has a twin purpose . To offer a creative meaningful workout platform essential for activities of daily living, and functional movement and injury prevention. The muscles of the torso stabilize the spine and provide a foundation for all movement. As core muscles contract, the spine, pelvis and shoulders stabilize to create a solid base of support.

From there you can generate powerful movements from the extremities and perform with efficiency. Appreciating that water is gentle on the body and offers natural resistance , it’s a way to tone muscles and decrease impact on joints. The Aqua Fundamentals moves require a dumbbell and a noodle for these core movement exercises.

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Back Again Conversation

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Your moving body will explore the spinal anatomy so you can understand proper alignment of the muscular skeletal system. Tracing the bony landmarks helps create a tactile map of these parts in one’s body. Every bone and muscle is unique and through imagery, improvisation, and sensory exploration, participants will tune in to the structure and processes of their own bodies, bringing awareness to new movement possibilities and supporting deep physical expression.

As you learn the art of physical adjustments we invite and encourage curiosity and imagination in overcoming the limitations of the body . Our abilities to heal coincide with our ability to listen, and that we are often “derailed” anatomically, as a result of imbalance. The heart of healing lies in our ability to listen, to perceive how our body is working .Keeping in mind that the body is a closed kinetic chain, and that all parts of the body are interrelated, it is easy to see how any one area that is not optimally operating will have ramifications felt throughout.

We invite those that are seeking to immerse yourself into moving and reshaping yourself to join this dynamic and practical moving practice. Come prepared to learn subtlety and mastery as you move and practice hands on adjustments with fellow movers .

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"Dance first. Think later. It's the natural order."- Samuel Beckett

Trans4motion -Intergenerational Dance

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The power of Intergenerational dance is that it connects us to one another, and to larger truths about what it means to be alive and what it means to be human. Rebuilding inclusive multigenerational communities of people co-creating a world of dance that works for everyone.

Becoming more attuned we begin with a breathing meditation and slow movements to a rich tapestry of music .Filled with fun, juicy, heart sharing, motion , this dance will release notions of what dance looks like and may reclaim your natural authentic movement with the freedom to move and embrace others of all ages and from all walks of life. There is something deeply compelling about moving through space and exploring dynamics and tone .

Intergenerational dance is a venue for personal expression as well as a vehicle to acquire an enhanced sense of connection to reality and groundness .Giving yourself this gift you may explore and restore your fragmented self-revealing our joys in motion. This shared dance refreshes and embraces the sense of being fully alive, with the heightened experience of engaging with self, passion, soulfulness and power. The sense of community, rhythm, sensuality, expressiveness the life force that exists in these dance forms can be enlivening. You will take this magical practice home with you when you leave –refreshed ,renewed ,and revitalized .You will have renewed energy to share with family and friends .

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"We build too many walls and not enough bridges."

Burning Barriers - Building Bridges

Image of a person holding his feetOur bodies work beautifully if we just get out of our own way! This class explores the use of music to activate ,clear and open energies and is a gateway for revealing and manifesting far reaching shifts for change .We arrive together to form a sacred circle , calling our higher selves to deepen investigations of body awareness ,and a whole new sense of connections to the ground ,and space around you.

We co-create a luminous field of intent. Then we dance engaging the great mystery in a supportive judgment free environment, accessing the power of movement, breath, inquiry and community resonance. As we move, breathe, stretch and let go - surrendering to the music, the raw motion, the joy of the dance, and the unknowable grace of Spirit - we discover the ebb and flow of the dance experience ,.surrendering with no expectations .

This is a practice that directly links you with your soul essence. It’s a time to dive in trusting that we can be open to who we truly are . Raw movement practice is a wonderful stress management tool and ideal exercise for those that love to dance ..Raw Movement classes are joyful and an integral and inherent way to heal, calm and have insight to our daily lives.

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