The Rhythm Centre

Movement Coaching

Image of a person holding his feet We provide encourage and guide individual sessions in a “safe” holding “space” so that you can express and examine themes of movement . We will customize this time to meet your individual movement goals. We all must have some sort of scaffolding which support and represents out goals in our daily activities .

We all need a little coaching at times to improve and channel our creative energies into our physical awareness In these session we look at movement habits and styles and explore ways in which these patterns support or limit self-perception and expression .. Training the imagination as a partner in physical advancement is the key to these physical breakthroughs.
Movement coaching helps people to feel more confident and increases effective communication through enhancing non-verbal expression and developing movement styles.
Diving into your own body’s resources you may gain startling self-discoveries and new ways of thinking through the felt experience in the moment which helps to uncover your body’s stories.

We will use somatic movement breath meditation drawing, journaling, bodywork / hands-on support, and role play. The drive to unearth these qualities in us is what draws me to this remarkable movement art form, and stands as the basis of what these sessions are. I am confident that this personal approach will leave you with new ideas answers and questions about why we do what we do with them.

Encouraging each individual traits in this environment that challenges both body and mind and provides a supportive way in which to discover these new challenges is essential. Please note that there is a 1 hour class cancellation policy. If you would like to cancel a class, please do so online, or contact us via phone or email.

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