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Lapapryia Body Awareness

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LAYAPRIYA IS THE SANSKRIT WORD for one who loves rhythm. We believe body awareness is your foundation . It’s having an understanding of the inner sense of where your parts are. To develop great body awareness you need an intuitive understanding of your anatomy. You need a felt sense of your joints and all the ways they move. Moreover, you must feel how all your pieces function as a wholeno matter what your goals are you need an awakened body .It starts by being in the present moment by cultivating awareness with compassion . This body awareness class /group will learn to integrate core strength, stability and overall flexibility.


Our Kinesthetic Body Awareness Movement connects looking with seeing; listening with hearing, moving with being moved and sensing with making sense .This integrative process teaches you to engage and reflect on and exert optimal strength, stability & power from your individual bodies by training the nervous system. To recruit 'sleeping' muscle we gain the awareness required to understand functions from basic posture to moving in a different pattern. Our Body Awareness: will offer personally tailored 5 simple and practical exercises to balance and harmonize your unique constitution .This 5 lesson courses will allow you to deepen your movement practice and experience vibrant wellbeing and authenticity. You will begin to learn mindfulness of the body by changing the focus of your attention from the outer movement of the limbs and torso to the inner felt sense of the body and mind.

Working with the breath while dancing is a step in the right direction We will also use the body to evoke certain energetic states to create certain image driven mind states .Finding the right sensations in your feet when dealing with a difficult relationship or keeping awareness in your hands whiles disagreeing with your partner are all examples of using the body to stay centered. You will learn to be aware of your body in time and space. Looking at habits of movement and how you hold your selves which may not be necessarily the most efficient patterns for the health and longevity of our body. Tension plays a big role in the peculiarity of how each of us carries our body.

This practice assist’s people to notice new perceptions in body awareness and, by so doing, find a felt sense of inner “Deeperdene” resourcefulness that they can draw on in life. The work is a blend of five aspects of movement study: 1. Qualities of Attention: 2. Sensory Awareness Skills & Experiential Anatomy: 3. Evolutionary Movement: 4. Structural Integration: 5. Applications:

In dance, this is also true. In addition, dancers need to develop a full connectivity between the different parts of the body to be able to move with the utmost efficiency while taking risks and maximizing every moment. Developing this connectivity as movement -dancers, through the body relationships above, as well as by being aware of the space around us, our centre of gravity and balance, using the senses such as sound, sight and touch, working with our breath and using imagery to enhance a qualitative movement with the body, or to better align the body are all a part of building body awareness. In fact, building this awareness will improve a dancer’s ability to create shape and form.

We will be doing listening exercises to explore how when we focus and listen to our bodies. Honesty is necessary for being in the moment and only being in the moment can the good arise within you. If your main motivation in doing dance is a healthy body then fully embrace it as your practice not just on the dance floor. Practice loving awareness and kindness towards your body. The most important part of this awareness program is to start where you are. By deeply exploring the truth and integrity of the body you will gradually form a basis for a spiritual dance practice.